TH Floor Deck-51 is a purpose designed trapezoidal composite flooring profile and is the most advance composite decking in the region. It incorporates the specific floor decking required by designers, developers, engineers and builders resulting in a revolutionary geometrical dimensions profile.


 TH FLoor DECK-51 should be kept dry during storage before use. They should be stacked clear of the ground with timber sleepers and covered to prevent bundles from water penetration. If bundles become wet during transportation or storage, the deck plates must be separated and wiped dry with clean cloth as quickly as possible.

When lifting the deck plates during loading and unloading or when lifting onto the floor frame structure, care must be taken to prevent the bundles or loose pieces from dropping to the ground or banging against the building.

Quicker Installation
No temporary supports are required under most conditions.

Proven Construction Economy
TH Floor Deck-51 is fast to construct, lightweight, and provides a safe working platform so that the building process can continue without delay.

Reduced Slab Depth and Concrete Usage
The slab depth required is minimized by the profile design. Concrete usage is further reduced by the profile shape. Reduced slab depth and concrete volumes result in lower concrete weight on the structure and foundations, and saving on the total cost of the building structure.

Material Specification
High tensile steel, with minimum yield strength of 550Mpa and a minimum zinc coating mass of 270g/m2

TH FLOOR DECK-51 are produced within the following tolerances:
Length: ± 10mm
Cover:  ± 10mm
Thickness: ± 0.02mm

Raised pigeon tail pattern embossments on each face of the web provides the mechanical connection between the steel and the hardened concrete

TH Floor Deck-51 Construction Advantages

  • Simplified process
  • Increase Construction speed
  • Time saving on site
  • No premature formwork removal and better floor quality
  • Do not need formwork support. Consecutive floor level can be carried out immediately
  • Reduce wooden materials stacking on job site
  • Better job site safety
  • Concrete volume saving