Top 6 Reasons You Should Choose Thung Hing for Roofing Materials

The roof of a property plays an important role to shield you from external harm and ensures that the indoor environment is comfortable. Thus many consideration factors are involved when it comes to selecting the right roofing materials for your residence or commercial premise. Here are the top 6 reasons why Thung Hing’s roofing materials are your best choice.

#1 – Longer lasting colours

It is normal for the colour of your roof to fade over time; colour fading happens when external substances like harsh pollution or chemicals in the atmosphere or within a specific environment reacts with the pigment of the paint, causing the pigment to break down, resulting in a change of colour. Thung Hing’s roofing materials are more resilient towards environmental factors and its colours can last at least 10 to 25 years, and will always look brand new. With many versatile colours to pick from, you are sure to find one that suits your building.

#2 – Minimise corrosion

When exposed to different environmental factors such as the seaside or within a highly chemical environment, metal roofing materials will degrade faster, which then leads to faster corrosion. At Thung Hing, our experts will advise you on what type of roofing materials work best for your specific purpose or building environment, to minimise the occurrence of corrosion of your roof.

#3 – Better heat insulation

A good roof can help keep the interior environment of the building relatively cool throughout the day, which translates to greater savings on electricity costs. Thus, you would need roofing materials with excellent heat resistance. Roofing materials with good sound absorption will also enhance the indoor ambience by minimising external noise or disturbance, especially when it rains or if you are located in a busier area or precinct. Thung Hing’s PU Foam insulation roofing, for example, provides better heat and sound insulation.

#4 – Leak-proof roofs

A leaking roof is one of the most common problems – and biggest nuisance – for homeowners, it can immensely disrupt our daily living and activities, and repair works can be very costly and time-consuming. Rest assured that with Thung Hing’s high quality roofing materials, this problem will be taken care of.

#5 – Innovative designs

Selecting a roof may be a very serious and technical task, yet a practical roof need not be ugly and boring; it should also fit into the look and feel of your entire building. With various innovative designs for you to choose from, you can easily find a material or design that fulfils your needs or purpose, all under one roof – pun intended. 

#6 – Anti-theft roofs

When choosing roofing materials, you should also consider the safety condition of your area. If you are staying in a high-crime area, it is recommended that you invest in roofing with anti-theft features to keep your property and inhabitants safe. In comparison to conventional clay tiles, Thung Hing’s anti-theft roofing materials can help enhance your safety.

Thung Hing Group possesses more than 30 years of experience in the roofing and metal industry, specialises in providing high-quality roofing and metal solutions for commercial and residential purposes. 

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