From its conception about 20 years ago, Thung Hing was founded on the commitment to continue driving the innovation in new products and value-added services. Heralded by the motto ‘Delivering Excellence, Building Solutions’, the company offers a comprehensive range of roofing and metal solutions.

Insulation Roofing
Roof insulation functions to make it harder for heat energy to reach the living space below, thereby keeping our living quarters cool and comfortable.

Structural metals such as purlins, floor decks, truss systems and many more are also among the many products offer by Thung Hing, catered for industrial and residential uses.

Besides structural and exterior fittings, Thung Hing also offers interior solutions such as wall framing systems and strip ceiling systems that are customisable according to your needs and requirements

Door and Frames
Excellent quality roller shutter doors, as well as door and window frames are also available at Thung Hing. Whether it is for residential or industrial fittings, you can always count on Thung Hing.

Metal Gutter/PVC Gutter
Gutters are one of our strongholds – Thung Hing gutters are versatile, attractive, easy to maintain and can withstand years of use even in Malaysia’s harsh climate.

Metal Roofing
Thung Hing offers reliable and aesthetically pleasing metal roofing that covers a myriad range of materials, functions and suitable for use with different types of roof.

Fire Door
For those who require high performing fire doors, Thung Hing carries Fire Resistant Doorsets with sophisticated advanced technology, and can withstand up to 1,000ºC temperature.

PROFITBOND Aluminium Composite Panel is produced according to the highest standard for outdoor shading solution, with superior advantages over other traditional cladding material like polycarbonate and steel in terms of weight ratio, heat insulation, installation and maintenance, and cost.

For further product enquiries, please contact us at +603-6099 9999 / 9988 or email to us at enquiries@thunghing.com”