The innovative cold forming manufacturing process gives TH-Truss a unique profile. This process provides maximum structural performance in terms of load carrying capacity, bending moment and deflection from the amount of steel employed. The patented process strengthens the steel in flanges giving TH-Truss added strength where it is most effective.



  • Strong Rigid & Durable.
  • Light Weight (40% lighter than hot rolled steel and engineered wood) & Flexible.
  • Cost effective, portable & easy to install.
  • 100% non-combustible roof framing.
  • Safe hygienic & environmentally friendly.
  • Alternative decking or roofing material selection.
  • Complete line of connections, clips & installation products.
  • 100% prime steel & dimensionally stable.
  • Easy Workability – can be cut, drilled, screwed & nailed with standard professional tools.
  • Corrosion proof- TH-Truss® sections are galvanised and protected against rust.

H-Truss® is proud to provide Resources with Our Product Line to Assist the Building Professional with the best solutions.

The most widely used pre-fabricated cold formed steel truss product in the market. TH-Truss® System provides the widest range of profiles to ensure a cost effective solution, with the smallest man made trusses to 80 foot plus spans.

Sections & components are assembled using a patented self-tapping screw system to form the main core of the roofing frame.

Tuss section studs, trusses, battens or purlins are roll formed using high tensile galvanized or coated steel with min 550 Mpa.

Latest Design Technology from Australia:conform with BS5950, AS/ZS4600 = 2005D.

Allow for inputting beam spans, plus area, line and point loads. Wind, snow & seismic loads can also be inputted when desired.

Properties of the full range of TH-Truss® products are pre-loaded into the software. The software will recommend the best solutions for a set of input conditions.

The Software will run a series of design checks to determine the suitability of the solution, taking into account bending, shear & deflection. The software will provide both text and graphical analysis report.

TH-Truss® Steel Framing System

Steel Raw MaterialTruecore, Zincalume & GI
Roll-Forming MachineHigh-speed 7 precise
Tools & EquipmentOverseas imported
ProcessesQuality-controlled & compliant with SIRIM standard
Technical PersonnelQuality & Experience Design
DesignComputer-Aided-Design Software that conform with BS5950 & AS4600 standards for truss system engineering including all
bracing, connection & installation documents
Steel thickness range0.47mm, 0.53mm, 0.65mm, 0.75mm, 0.80mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm

TH -Truss Shapes