TH R505 Standing Seam is the state-of-the art Trapezoidal Roof concealed fixing system. The extremely deep corrugation coupled with its locked and seamed sidelap totally eliminates rainwater entry and any fear of wind uplift.



  • Non-piercing of the roof ensures 100% watertightness
  • A real roofing beauty. Its concealed fixing system results in a roof with clean, straight and rigid lines, uninterrupted by protruding screws or bolts.
  • The unique lock and seam fastening process by a robotic seamer holds the roof sheets tightly against uplift or suction forces of strong winds.
  • The profile’s strikingly bold and deep corrugation makes it an extremely structurally strong roof requiring fewer purlins, an almost flat roof pitch with a small fascia, all of which contribute to substantial saving in building costs.