The unique design of the TH PVC Gutter G300 is able to complement any contemporary lifestyle design. With this exclusive layout, the external/internal brackets and outlets can be placed anywhere along the length of the gutter.

A comprehensive range of TH PVC Gutter G300 and accessories are manufactured to the same high standards. TH PVC Gutter G300 range is designed to suit wide application and with its aesthetically superior outlook, most buildings can benefit from it.

  • Superior outlook
  • Certified BS EN 607 and BS EN 1462
  • An exclusive layout, with internal brackets and outlets that can be placed anywhere along the length of the gutter


  • Double Wall System at the base
  • Corrosion and UV Resistant
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • High Flow Capacity with 18, 288 mm2
  • Anti-Dripping System to Prevent Leaking
  • Hopper outlet with Higher Flowrate
  • Designed to accommodate extensive thermal movement
  • Wall thickness 10% thicker than conventional pvc gutter


TH PVC Gutter Systems are recommended for building applications, and are specifically designed for contemporary houses and condominiums.