• Safe
  • Quiet & Smooth
  • Stylish Color & Design
  • Durable
  • Motor/ Manual Operation
  • Lightweight


  • Available in various thicknesses steel roofing & colours
  • Custom made lengths with options for on-site drilling
  • Good rain water flow capacity
  • Long spanning capacity


Shutter SIM
Profit Shutter Door’s slat Is durable and stylish design which Is roll formed continuous. metal sheet design with usin0.47mm thick from NS Bluescope Malaysia. Both sides of the slat fixes with nylon glide to prevent metal to metal contact and achieve noiseless and grease-less operation.

Shutter Drum
Drum assembly shall consist of circular tube mounted with high torsion counter balance spring assembly between high performance engineering plastics drum wheel which usage can up to 15 years base on three cycles a day. Shutter drum Is fully wrapped one round by tho slat 1o enhance the strength of the whole operation performance.

Bottom Alumlnum Bar
“L” and “T” shapes section extruded aluminium (AA6063-T5) are available for shutter door”s bottom bar. This is a special design come with PVC weather seal fitted on Hie bottom; Its purpose Is to close the uneven gap to prevent undesirable material entering when shutters door is fully closed.

Guide Rail
1.omm BMT Galvanized / Zincalume coated metal sheet (G550) 100mm depth with special design heavy duty box shape guide rail is suitable for all type of wall mounted. Material specification accordance to the standard of AS/ZS 4500:2005; AS 1397; MS 1196:2004.

Door Opeiatlon
Hi-Technology 24V DC motor operator with output 200 Watt motor power and able to performs up to 940 Nm drive forces. Motor travelling speed is up to 200mm per second. Motor l9 completed with built-in bottom safety sensor and remote control system. Override system is available, manual operation can be easily converted by pulling the manual release lever during the event o1 power failure.

Optional items
1) Box / Casing Cover
2) Car Charger accessories