TH® Steel FrameMax System is an integrated building system designed for the manufacture of steel frames for both residential and light commercial building. The innovative system is a sustainable, eco-friendly construction evolution that assures faster project completion, enhanced productivity with less labour and reduced construction wastage.



  • Faster erection due to easily handled
  • Faster completion in comparison to conventional walling system
  • Reduced heavy machinery usage
  • Clean & tidy work site which reduce cleaning cost
  • Pre-punched services openings
  • Smoother & even wall surface for skin coating at both sides of wall
  • Touch up free


TH FrameMax System is a lightweight wall framing system that is designed with follow-on trades which includes trussed headers that makes the wall framing system completely efficient. For easy assembly and to ensure a plush finish, pre-punched holes and recessed dimples are provided for multiple services.