Corporate Value

At Thung Hing, we strive to help our clients optimize the value of their construction investment with competitive solutions that put strong emphasis on quality, safety and efficiency. This is evident in our diverse project portfolio that includes healthcare, corporate, life sciences, research and development, academic, public, commercial and residential building solutions.

Corporate Value

Training, team building and self-improvement initiatives are designed to better employees on a personal level as much as on professional performance and productivity. Nurturing a team that is honest, fair and accountable is every bit as important as ensuring products of the high quality.

People Power

At the heart of Thung Hing’s success is the passion of the individuals. The commitment and drive to pull everything together as a team gives us and clients great confidence in building structures that will leave a lasting impression in our cities and communities.

Giving Back, Paying it Forward

Apart from acclaimed physical structures, Thung Hing is also a strong believer in building community relations. We continuously instil a philosophy of responsibility towards society in our group of companies, so that we make it part of our mission not only to contribute to the progress of the nation but also the well being of humankind.

We are grateful for how far we’ve come, and we are committed to give back to society through CSR programmes and home ground activities. The group also works closely with various sectors to promote better understanding and cooperation between all parties.

On the local front, Thung Hing initiates personal efforts where possible, such as restoration of homes wrecked in thunderstorm and providing supplies for homes in need.

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With my limited budget for installing an awning in my house, I tried to save money by calling directly to awning manufacturers. None of these awning manufacturers want to entertain me because it is a ‘small’ project to them.Thumbs up to Thung Hing for having such a good staff on board. Will certainly recommend to friends.

Mun Cheong