8 Common Problems That Could Seriously Damage Your Metal Roof

In recent years, metal roofs have been gaining popularity as a selected roofing solution due to its durability. Compared to shingles or clay roof tiles, the maintenance expenses for metal roof is relatively lower. 

Metal roof may be able to withstand extreme weather and climate conditions, but it is not completely damage-proof. When your metal roof has minor roof damage and left unattended, it can lead to major problems that could damage your metal roof permanently. This may cause serious issues to the insulation and structural components as well.

Here are some of the common problems that could cause serious damage to your metal roof. Each of these metal roof problems must not be ignored and should be inspected by a professional.

Metal roof problems that could lead to serious roof damage

  1. Surface Rust

Surface rust on metal panels are caused by the oxidation effect of wind, moisture and other elements in the air. New metal roof panels are coated with a layer of protective coating to prevent the formation of rust on the surface, but external factors can cause the protective layer to wear away over time.

Good rainwater flow capacity is a crucial characteristic of metal roof panels. This will lower the risk of surface rust that are due to prolonged water pools on the metal roof panels. Thung Hing’s TH PU Foam Ulroll Bond is a highly durable, weatherproof metal roofing material that has an anti-fungus and anti-rust protective layer. Other materials such as the TH Clip Lock Optima 730 is also protected with a layer of corrosion inhibitive treatment to prevent the formation of rust.

  1. Deflected Roof Panels

Metal roof panels may deflect or bend due to external impact. This may cause water to become stagnant and pond on the surface of the metal roof, causing leaks and rust. If ignored without proper repair, these leaks or rust may cause serious damage to your metal roof insulation and even roofing structure.

Thus it is important to choose high quality metal roofing that can withstand great impact. Consider TH PU Foam Deck 762 and TH Superior Rib 35 excellent metal roofing materials that has high durability, long spanning capacity and good waterflow capacity.

  1. Movement

A metal roof is designed to allow flexibility and movement, so that water will not pool on the roof surface, and will flow off of it. If the metal roof installation does not allow for proper elongation, stagnant water pools on its surface will cause problems that are more serious than the original roof leak.

  1. Incompatible Metals

There are many types of metal roofing materials, for example, copper, steel, stainless and galvanised metal. Some metals are incompatible when used together, and may cause negative reactions when in contact with each other. An experienced metal roofing provider should be well-informed on metal compatibility and can help you prevent such problems from happening.

  1. Punctures

Punctures rarely happen on metal roofs, but it can happen due to heavy foot traffic on the roof during construction or maintenance. Sharp impact falling onto the roof can also contribute to punctures in your metal roof, resulting in gaps or holes in your roof that may lead to water leaks.

  1. Fastener Issues

Metal roof panels are attached with clips and fasteners with rubber washers. Over time, these fasteners may come loose and back out of their originally installed position, leaving a hole in between the metal roof panels. This puts the metal roof at risk of water intrusions and may result in greater roof damage if not immediately rectified.

Thung Hing’s metal roof supplies such as the TH Clip Lock 710 is installed by concealed fixing method using clip and locking system. It is very secure when installed together, giving you peace of mind without worrying about loose rubber fastener issues. Besides, this concealed clip-lock method is also aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Open Laps

Open laps on metal roofs are usually caused by improper installation, causing the seams along the metal roof panels to lift up. When water intrudes the open area, it will ultimately cause structural damage to the metal roof.

Most of Thung Hing’s metal roof materials like the TH Clip Lock Optima 730 have long spanning capacity, thus minimising the issue of open laps between metal roof panels.

  1. Missing Parts

As the metal roof ages over time, pieces and parts of the roof may fall off due to deterioration and wind. Missing foam closures, edge metals, gutters and other parts can all lead to water intrusion and leaks, which will cause immense roof damage.

Engage Trusted Roofing Contractors to Repair Your Metal Roof 

Generally, metal roofs have a long service lifespan up to a few decades. Yet, this does not mean that it does not deteriorate or immune to damage. When you notice any unusual issues with your metal roof, you should always take immediate rectification action. Ignoring minor roof problems may lead to more serious damage to your metal roof, or even the building’s structural components. 

Which is why we recommend that you engage a trusted professional metal roof contractor for regular maintenance and inspection to prolong your roof’s service life expectancy. 

Thung Hing Group specialises in providing comprehensive metal roofing solutions with more than 30 years experience. We offer a wide range of superior quality metal roofing products and supplies for your residential and commercial project needs. We are also capable in assisting you to inspect, diagnose and repair all types of metal roof problems.

For any metal roof restoration or construction, please contact us at 012- 559 6881 / 012 390 7129 or email us at enquiries@thunghing.com, we are dedicated to help solve your metal roof issues.





  1. 表面生锈


良好的雨水排水性能是金属屋顶面板的关键特性。 这将降低金属屋顶面板因为长期积水而产生锈蚀的风险。 东兴集团的 TH PU Foam Ulroll Bond 是一种高度耐用,防风雨的金属屋顶建材,并具有抗菌和防锈保护层。 此外,TH Clip Lock Optima 730 也有覆盖一层防蚀保护层,以防止生锈。

  1. 变形的屋顶面板


因此,选择坚固并能够承受巨大冲击的高质量金属屋面非常重要。 这种情况下可考虑 TH PU Foam Deck 762 TH Superior Rib 35 这两款优质的建材,它们具有高耐用性,长跨距能力和良好的雨水排水性能。

  1. 屋面板移动


  1. 不相容的金属


  1. 金属屋顶遭穿刺


  1. 紧固件问题


东兴集团的金属屋顶建材,例如 TH Clip Lock 710,都使用带有夹锁系统的隐藏固定式方法安装的。金属屋顶面板牢固的安装在一起,无需担心像胶紧固件松动的问题。 此外,这种隐藏固定式的夹锁效果也赏心悦目的。

  1. 开叉孔


东西集团提供的大多数金属屋顶建材,包括 TH Clip Lock Optima 730 都具有蛮长的跨距能力,从而大幅度减少了金属屋顶板之间会开裂问题。

  1. 屋顶零件缺失





东兴集团拥有超过 30 年的经验,专业于提供完善的金属屋顶解决方案,还有一系列优质的金属屋顶建材和产品,以满足您的住宅和商业项目的建设需求。此外,我们也可以检查,诊断及修复有问题的金属屋顶。

有任何关于金属屋顶的修复或建造询问,请致电 012-559 6881 或 012-390 7129 与我们联系,或电邮至 enquiries@thunghing.com,我们竭尽所能为您解决您的金属屋顶问题。

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