Another week left until Hari Raya! Are you still doing last-minute Raya shopping? Here, let us share 5 tips on how you can effectively do your last-minute Raya shopping.

Make a comprehensive shopping list
Going out to do grocery shopping may be a little inconvenient during CMCO with all the safety measures and procedures that you need to adhere too. Before you kelam-kabut, make a list of the items that you need. Jot down the locations if possible, and take note of the outlet operation hours during CMCO so you can schedule your shopping time.

Buy only the essentials
As with any shopping advice during CMCO, buying only the essential necessities applies too when you are doing last-minute Raya shopping. If you are really short on time, try to prioritise food items and daily groceries over Raya decoration items.

Don’t forget to look out for deals or discounts
Many retailers will bank on the festive season and offer special deals and discounts during this period. Look out for useful deals on a wide array of items, from baju Raya and kuih Raya, to electrical appliances or digital gadgets, these are the usual items that will go on sale during Ramadan and pre-Hari Raya.

Be smart in your spending
It is easy to go over-spend during the festive period, especially if you are shopping for friends and family included. Be mindful of your expenditure, and try to stick to a feasible budget to keep your spending habit in check.

Order food delivery
If your family is used to eating out during Hari Raya, you might not be able to do so this year. Yet, most businesses are offering delivery or take-away meals during Raya. Plan ahead and check if your favourite restaurant is offering juadah delivery or take-away so that you get to enjoy the your jamuan Raya in the comfort of your home!

Celebrating Hari Raya amidst the COVID-19 outbreak may not be the most ideal scenario, but with a little positive thinking and adaptive changes, anything is possible! To everyone doing last-minute Raya shopping, we hope the above tips can help you out, and stay safe! Selamat Hari Raya!