4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace a New Metal Roof

A set of high-quality metal roof is one of the best investments you can have for your residential or commercial unit. Although metal roofs are much more durable than tile, slate or asphalt shingle roofs and can typically last for decades with minimal repair, do you know when you need to change a new metal roof?

Here are a few warning signs that it may be time to replace your metal roof.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

#1 Your roof has become rusty 

New metal roof panels are covered with a layer of protective coating during the manufacturing process to reduce the formation of rust on the surface. Metal panels are highly durable, but weather and environmental factors can cause the protective layer to erode.

The impact of wind, storms, moisture and other elements in the air may corrode the metal roof coating, causing it to rust. If your metal panels start to show signs of rust and deterioration, it is time to replace your metal roof.

#2 Your roof shows signs of leaking 

A leaking roof is another sign that your metal roof is failing. Leaky roofs can be caused by cracks or gaps in the metal panels, improperly installed hardware or other damages to the metal roofs. 

If you notice that your metal roof is leaking, you should immediately get it checked by a professional or to have it replaced, as leaks can also cause other problems such as rust or mould.

#3 Your roof panels start to loosen

The age of your metal roof, surrounding weather and environmental conditions can cause metal roof panels to become loose over time. Loose roof panels is a potential hazard to inhabitants as they can no longer effectively protect your safety and your building from possible harmful agents such as pests or leaks. 

Before the damage worsens, you should seek professional help to replace your metal roof as soon as possible. Select from Thung Hing’s wide range of metal roofing options to suit your building needs.

#4 There are signs of interior damage 

If you start noticing visible signs of damage to the interior of your building, then it is definitely time to replace your metal roof with a new one. It may be patches of water leaks due to cracks in your roofing panels, and if that happens, water can get in and not only damage your ceiling, but also your walls, causing moulds in your interior and other foundation issues.

Have your Metal Roof Regularly Checked by Trusted Professionals

Metal roofs are gaining popularity for use in both residential and commercial properties, thanks to their durability and long-lasting service life with minimal maintenance. However, even the best quality metal roofs need to be replaced over time. 

It is important to engage in a reliable professional metal roof contractor and supplier who can advise you on the best metal roofing strategies and materials that will best suit your usage. Schedule regular maintenance for your metal roofs to maximise its lifespan, and to keep it in optimum function.  

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#1 您的屋顶已经生锈 



#2 您的屋顶有漏水的迹象



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#4 建筑内部有损坏的迹象





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