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THI Metal Door & Window Frame

The Thung Hing group of companies manufactures a wide variety of building materials. Besides high tensile roofing products, Thung Hing also produces precision building materials such as metal door frames, metal window frames and fire rated doors.

TH Steel Door Frames and Window Frames are fully researched, designed and manufactured by Thung Hing's ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified plant. This includes steel door accessories such as hinges, lock pockets/ striker plates, locksets and many more.

Thung Hing emphasizes on producing high quality building materials as they form crucial parts of a building and, its occupants' safety is of utmost importance. Therefore, Thung Hing utilises top quality steel materials in producing TH Metal Door Frames and Windows Frames. All Thung Hing steel door frames and steel window frames are manufactured from Zinc alum or Galvanneal coated steel. These materials undergo and have passed stringent local and international industrial quality standards as well as international client demands.

Thung Hing also ensures all products are made to last long, especially to withstand forces of mother nature. All TH Metal Door Frames and Windows Frames have gone through a galvanization process to ensure it is corrosion proof. The sophisticated Cold Roll Forming technology used in the fabrication process also further enhances the frame's durability and strength against impact.

Our products are utilised nationwide and are present in residential and governmentalbuildings. Currently, more projects are being installed with Thung Hing's large selection of product designs.

Our products has been applied nationwide in residential and governmental buildings successfully and more projects are currently installed with Thung Hing's large selection of product designs.

Product  delivery nationwide is free of charge. Contact us now to find out more about our latest promotion and new product listings.Our product specialist will also be delighted to assist you on the product choices for your property.


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