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TH Ulroll Bond

The Metal Roofing Series is designed to look like European clay tiles yet having the key features of a Thung Hing signature metal roof product. It is made especially for building owners who want to maintain the look and feel of clay tiles but at the same time intend to upgrade to metal roofs.

TH ULROLL BOND Metal Roofing series comes in a wide variety of colours.  These metal roofs comes with a layer of high quality colour coating to protect the colour and paint for a longer period of time.

There is a long list of benefits in upgrading your conventional clay tile roofs to TH ULROLL BOND Metal Roofs. To begin with, TH ULROLL BOND Metal Roofs are made from high tensile steel material making it more durable. TH Ulroll Bond Metal Roofing can last at least 25 years with little or no maintenance. It is made to withstand harsh weather conditions and not to succumb to corrosion.

For building engineers, TH ULROLL BOND Metal Roofs are an ideal choice of building materials because installing TH ULROLL BOND Metal Roofing is significantly simpler and faster compared to laying clay roof tiles. Moreover, because TH ULROLL BOND metal roofs sizes can be cut-to- measure, chances of water leakages due to uncovered gaps is almost zero. Another reason building engineers like to use TH ULROLL BOND metal roofing systems is because there are less roof components that are required, without compromising structural strength and stability.

The special coating on TH ULROLL BOND metal roofing is engineered to resist algae and fungus from growing. This minimalises the need for cleaning particularly in high humidity environments.

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