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TH Truss System

The TH TRUSS System is produced at Thung Hing ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certified manufacturing plant. Taking in to account the high safety requirements of roof trusses, each TH TRUSS has to undergo strict quality control processes, from material sourcing to the fabrication process as well as the entire truss system design stage.

Using the best in its class alloy material, Zincalume and Truecore steel, Thung Hing is able to provide superior quality light weight and highly durable roof trusses. Material integrity is never compromised, even after the fabrication process. With the innovative fabrication technology called Cold Roll Forming technology, Thung Hing is able to maintain the original material strength while producing a wide variety of profiles. This state of the art process is able to provide maximum structural performance in terms of load carrying capacity. In fact, the Cold roll Forming strengthens the steel in flanges giving TH TRUSS added strength where it matters most.

The unique combination between best choice of steel material; high tech fabrication system and product engineering allows Thung Hing to produce a wide range of Truss profiles, from the smallest mansard trusses to massive 80-foot or longer spans.

Contrary to timber trusses, light weight steel truss systems like TH TRUSS is 100% termite proof and requires very minimal or zero maintenance throughout its lifespan, which could reach up to 50 years or more. Thung Hing's Galvanized TH TRUSS is also rust proof, even in high humidity conditions.

The TH TRUSS can be tailored to meet your building requirements, including hole punching locations and hole sizes. Delivery nationwide is free of charge. Contact us now to find out more about our latest promotion and new product listings.

To simplify and speed up roof truss designs, Thung Hing also provide truss Design Software to assist all our clients.

The Merit of The TH-Truss® System

  • Strong, Rigid & Durable.
  • Light Weight (40% lighter than hot rolled steel and engineered wood) & Flexible.
  • Cost effective, portable & easy to install.
  • 100% non-combustible roof framing.
  • Safe, hygienic & environmentally friendly.
  • Alternative decking or roofing material selection.
  • Complete line of connections, clips & installation products.
  • 100% prime steel & dimensionally stable.
  • Easy Workability - can be cut, drilled, screwed & nailed with standard professional tools.
  • Corrosion proof- TH-Truss® sections are galvanised and protected against rust.

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