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The innovative rib profiles of TH Rib 30 Metal Roofing is the key to its highly durable, yet lightweight feature which makes it the perfect choice for many construction projects.

This special corrugated shape adds strength to lightweight steel materials compared to conventional clay tiles. This means that a lightweight metal roof sheet can be made strong enough to withhold years of battering in all types of weather. TH Rib 30 Metal Roofing series is commonly used for large buildings that have a long life span. In many cases, due to its strength, it is also used as wall cladding and fascia.

Besides the ribbed profiles, Ribbed Metal Roof are further strengthened by using high quality materials. Thung Hing uses high grade steel sheets such as  Zincalume, and Clean Colorbond to fabricate metal roof products. The selected alloy steel raw material is chosen also for its strong anti corrosion properties. To ensure material quality, consistency and strength, we use the latest Cold Roll Form process. This method ensures the high tensile metal roof is consistent throughout the entire sheet.

In addition to that, Thung Hing TH Rib 30 also comes with a 25 year product material warranty and FREE delivery to your project site nationwide. Not only that, Thung Hing provides free cut-to- measure service. Contact us now to find out more about our latest promotions and new product listings.

TH Rib 30 Benefits

  • Roll-forming long length high tensile metal decking with three fluted pans
  • Manufactured from high tensile steel substrate & protected with corrosion inhibitive treatment

  • Roofing and walling profiles with material warranty up to 25 Years (Terms & Conditions apply)

  • Effective cover width of 750mm and rib height of 30mm for TH® RIB 30
  • For minimum roof pitch of 2º
  • High rib to ensure good spanning capability and excellent water-discharge capacity
  • Length can be custom made with options for on-site- forming
  • Widely used for commercial and industrial projects like shop offices, schools, multi-purpose halls, apartments, sprung curve roof, etc.

Product Features

  • Custom made length with options for on-site rolling
  • Long time span capacity
  • Available in various thicknesses, steel roofing & colours
  • Good rain water flow capacity

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