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TH Rainwater Harvesting System

In a tropical country like Malaysia, rain is plentiful throughout the year. However, since the first El Nino phenomenon in 1997, the climate has unexpectedly changed. The situation worsened in 2014 when Malaysia experienced an unprecedented draught. Malaysians were caught off guard with this change and were trapped in severe water shortage and dry taps.

Water shortage is expected to happen more frequently and often without prior warning. Very soon, these water shortage issues may spiral into higher cost of supplying clean water to homes. The good news is the problem can be avoided and the solution can be done at home or business premises with Thung Hing Rainwater Harvesting System.

TH Rainwater Harvesting System is an environmentally friendly solution for collecting rainwater effectively. It is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. Rainwater is harvested on building roofs acting as a catchment area. Gutters then channel the rainwater to downpipes which funnels the harvested rainwater to storage tanks. The size of storage tanks is dependent on the usage requirements.

Thung Hing manufactures weatherproof metal roofing, anti rust gutters, long lasting steel downpipes, metal fascia and other accessories. We ensure the highest product quality by using top of the class materials and state of the art fabrication technology. The Zincalume metal we use is highly durable against severe weather conditions and able to last for years without maintenance. Our Cold-Roll Forming fabrication process ensures the material quality remains intact and not compromised during the manufacturing process. Thung Hing is a ISO9001:2008 certified Quality Management System manufacturer.

Thung Hing goes the extra mile by providing system design services without charge when you use our products. TH Rainwater Harvest system can be tailored to your building requirements. Delivery nationwide is free of charge. Contact us now to find out more about our latest promotions and new product listings.

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