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TH Floor Deck-51

TH Floor Deck 51 is a special purpose steel sheet that assists with concrete floor construction. This new technology changes the way concrete floors are constructed and is particularly useful in solving the common concrete floor framework problems.

The TH Floor Deck 51 is a trapezium-shaped steel sheet that is an integral part of the composite steel deck floors. Steel Deck Flooring typically consists of 3 major elements: TH Floor Deck 51, concrete and light meshes to control cracking. The profiled steel deck acts as easy to install shuttering to contain the setting concrete.

Traditionally, wood or planks were used as shuttering or formwork. The conventional plank wood shuttering had many limitations. 4x4 posts and scaffoldings were used to support plywood sheets, upon which concrete would be placed. But this method was tedious and was subject to many safety issues and was time consuming, amongst some of its major disadvantages.

The TH Floor Deck 51 is made of high tensile steel, with minimum yield strength of 550MpA and minimum zinc coating mass of 270g/m3. This material quality is able to ensure that the TH Floor Deck is capable of supporting formworks in either concrete frames or steel frame structures. Most importantly, the structural design and superior material quality ensures site safety.

Another important feature of the TH Floor Deck 51 is that it is designed to help speed up the concrete floor construction process. TH floor Decks are perforated to allow project managers to clearly communicate installation procedures and minimize accidents.

The slab depth required is minimized by the profile design thus reducing concrete usage. Likewise, the structural strength efficiency improvement also lowers the concrete weight on the structure. This positively impacts the cost of the building project.

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  • Quicker Installation and no scaffolding support required compared to conventional plank wood.

  • Improved Structural Strength Efficiency via unique floor deck profile design.
  • Cost Saving through reduced slab depth and concrete usage.
  • Made from high tensile steel with minimum yield strength of 550Mpa and a minimum zinc coating mass of 270g/m3.

  • Better safety at site.
  • Faster construction. Consecutive floor level can be carried out concurrently.
  • Reduce wood material wastage and storage problems on construction site.
  • No premature formwork removal and better floor quality.


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