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TH Deck 762

Thung Hing Metal Deck Roofing : TH Deck 762 is certainly no ordinary metal deck roofing product. Our quality assurance comes with a 25 year product waranty*. No other metal deck roofing in the market is able to meet such a warranty period other than Thung Hing. For building contractors and engineeers, building material quality assurance is crucial and in many cases, is considered mission critical as it would involve the building occupant’s lives and other after-sales risk considerations. Likewise, building owners, whether commercial or residential buildings, need to ensure their investments in metal roofs do not go to waste after the building is handover from the contractor. It is therefore important to use building materials from reputable manufacturers like Thung Hing who provide long term product warranty.

Thung Hing's confidence in this un-rivalled product quality comes from three major factors: superior material, state of the art fabrication technology and product innovation. Thung Hing uses high grade steel sheets such as  Zincalume, and Clean Colorbond to fabricate metal roof products. The selected alloy steel raw materials are also chosen for their strong in built anti corrosion properties.

To ensure material quality consistency and strength, we use the latest Cold Roll Forming process. This method ensures the metal deck roof is of high tensile throughout the entire sheet. This method allows us to fabricate long span metal deck roofing or wall claddings.


  • Cold Roll-formed long length high tensile metal decking
  • Manufactured from high tensile ZINCALUME® Steel / CoolZal Steel / Prima Steel / Clean COLORBOND® steel substrate & protected with corrosion inhibitive treatment

  • Roof and wall profiles with material warranty up to 25 years *
  • With effective cover width of 762mm and rib height of 25mm for increased strength and better water drainage

  • For minimum roof pitch of 3°
  • Innovative, durable and cost effective
  • Widely used for commercial and industrial projects such as factories, condominium, cabin. hoarding etc


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