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TH Strip Ceiling-G-Profile

In its effort to develop alternative solutions, Thung Hing is constantly conducting R&D on the limitations of conventional building materials. TH Metal Ceiling is another innovative outstanding quality product that overcomes limitations of conventional plasterboard or wooden board ceilings. TH Strip Ceiling series is a secure, easy to maintain and long lasting solution in your bid to upgrade.

The wide selection of profile designs and colours makes it an exclusive addition to your building project. Thung Hing has one of the largest Strip Ceiling designs and surface finishing designs for you to choose from.

Thung Hing's TH Strip Metal Ceiling (G Profile) is a cost effective ceiling product that requires very minimal maintenance. TH Strip ceiling is a ceiling that hangs below a concrete ceiling which enables builders to conceal unattractive building components such as pipes, cables and wires. In the event of pipe of cable maintenance services, the ceiling metal strip panels can be removed without damage to the ceiling as opposed to conventional plasterboard ceilings. The same panels can be replaced easily.

Very often electrical service maintenance technicians or even pest control operators face difficulties when they need to access the compartments above plasterboard ceilings to fix broken pipes or remove a dead pest. In most cases, the plasterboard ceiling has to be broken and plastered again. This tedious opening and re-plastering task involves another contractor specialising in plasterboard ceilings. TH Strip Metal Ceilings do not require specialist contractors and can be easily removed and replaced.

TH Strip ceilings are easy to clean as it requires cloth and water. Unlike conventional plasterboard ceilings, cleaning TH Strip Ceilings with water or other water based cleaning agent does not leave any stains. Moreover, Thung Hing Strip Ceiling products uses the best material in its class i.e. COOLZAL steel or ELEMENTS steel with a long lasting Aluminum Zinc coating. TH Strip Ceilings are all coated with anti-rust. More importantly, TH Strip Ceiling is manufactured from stable material that stands the test of time and does not degenerate for at least 25 years.

As such, TH Strip Ceiling is suitable for buildings that require a high level of hygiene such as hospitals, electronics manufacturing plants, HACCP or FDA compliant manufacturing plants such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Likewise, TH Strip Ceiling is clearly suitable for offices or residential properties.

TH Strip Ceiling is also the best ceiling material for buildings that require high standards of safety such as petrol stations, petroleum processing plants and even cargo vessels. TH Strip Ceiling is made of non-combustible and highly durable steel.

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  • Tough and extremely durable
  • Protects from discolouration for extended years
  • Does not degrade under intense heat
  • Hygienically smooth and easy to maintain
  • Noise-insulated multi chamber frames
  • Energy saving & environmentally friendly


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