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TH Crimp Curve & TH Half Round

TH Crimp Curve and TH Half Round Metal Roofs are most suitable to be used in building porches, verandas and bus shelters. It allows flexibility in building designs. Builders are no longer confined to only flat, and angled roof options but can now incorporate concave curves to them. Besides adding beauty to the building, it is also cost effective, practical and easy to install, thus speeding up the construction process.

TH Crimp Curve Metal Roof is an effective solution to managing curved roofs which were previously impossible or difficult with conventional clay roof tiles. The durability of TH Crimp Curve Metal Roof comes with 25 years waranty*. Thung Hing is the only manufacturer in the market providing such product assurance.

Builders and building owners can be assured of the superior quality of Thung Hing's Crimp Curve Metal roof based on the material quality, product fabrication technology, industry recognition and ISO Quality Management system.

TH Crimp Curve Metal Roofs are design to withstand severe weather battering. Using top of the class Zincalume and Clean Colorbond metal sheets, TH Crimp Curve and Half Round Metal Roofs are made to withstand corrosion and are more durable than clay tiles.

Thung Hing also uses the latest Cold Roll Forming technology in metal roof fabrication. This process ensures the original material’s key attributes remain strongly intact after the fabrication process. TH Crimp Curve and Half Round metal roofs are high tensile and are able to cater to long term requirements. In fact, Thung Hing also provides cut-to- measure services and customizing lengths according to the client’s requirements, which in turn reduces the hassle of installation.

TH Crimp Curve and Half Round Metal Roof series significantly reduces cladding materials required to cover a given area, simplifies and reduces work load during installation of fascia capping, with less supporting framework required for fascia, parapets and roofs.

TH Crimp Curve and Half Round Metal Roof sizes can be tailored to your building requirements. Delivery nationwide is free of charge. Contact us now to find out more about our latest promotions and new product listings.


  • High Tensile
  • Anti Corrosive
  • 25 Years waranty
  • Reduce cladding material required to cover a given area.
  • Simplified and reduces work involved in installation of fascia capping.
  • Less supporting framework required for fascia, parapets and roofs.
  • Reduction or elimination of flashing and capping.

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