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TH Clip Lock 710

The TH CLIP 710 is Thung Hing's Clip Locking Metal Roof System. The unique profile of the TH CLIP 710 is that it is specially designed for added strength on the roof. In addition, the higher rib height (39mm) enables tighter gap coverage which significantly minimizes water leakage between roof sheets. As the name Clip Locking suggests, the higher rib roofs also act as inter locking mechanisms between roof sheets. This not only simplifies the installation process, but, its innovative design also ensures each roof sheet is accurately aligned to one another.

Another key benefit of the special higher rib profile is its excellent water discharge capacity, even at a minimum roof pitch of just 1 degree. Moreover, the higher rib height (39mm) enables tighter gap coverage which significantly minimizes water leakage between roof sheets.

Besides the innovative profile designs, Thung Hing employs the highest quality materials in fabrication technology. Thung Hing uses high grade steel sheets such as Zincalume, and Clean Colorbond to fabricate metal roof products. The selected alloy steel raw materials are chosen for their strong anti corrosion properties that are in built. To ensure material quality consistency and strength, we use the latest Cold Roll Form process. This method ensures the metal roof is of high tensile and consistent throughout the entire sheet. This method allows us to fabricate long span metal roofing or wall claddings.

For building structures that has very low slopes and long spanning roofs, TH CLIP 710 is a perfect choice for metal roofing. TH CLIP 710 is also ideal for vertical wall cladding. This product is highly recommended for exhibition halls, warehouses, factories and many more building structures.

TH CLIP 710 sizes can be tailored for your building requirements. Delivery nationwide is free of charge. Contact us now to find out more about our latest promotions and new product listings.


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